Technology Feats

Feat: Prerequisites

Craft Cybernetics: Technologist, Heal 9 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 9 ranks
Create and install cybertech

Craft Pharmaceutical: Technologist, Heal 9 ranks, Knowledge (nature) 9 ranks
Create pharmaceutical items

Craft Technological Arms and Armor: Technologist, Craft (mechanical) 7 ranks,
Knowledge (engineering) 7 ranks
Create technological weapons and armor

Craft Technological Item: Technologist, Craft (mechanical) 5, Knowledge (engineering) 5 ranks
Create technological items

Robot’s Bane: Knowledge (engineering) 5 ranks
Gain offensive and defensive bonuses against robots

Scavenger’s Luck: Knowledge (engineering) 1 rank
When using timeworn technology, roll twice to determine the glitch effect

Technologist: none
Can use skills with technological subjects

Technology Adept: Dex 13, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (firearms), Point-Blank Shot
Gain a bonus on save DCs to resist the effects of technological firearms

Technophobe: Improved Sunder
Gain a morale bonus when you destroy a robot or technological item

Wrest Charge: Disable Device 5 ranks, Knowledge (engineering) 5 ranks
Jury-rig a depleted battery to hold 1 charge

Technology Feats

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