Macro editing

First open your Character sheet→ Attributes and abilities tab and click on +Add to the right of Abilities.

A new macro should open that says [New Ability 0] mouse over to the right of it and a pencil should become visible, click on it.
Change [New Ability 0] to read as you’d like the macro to be named and in the box underneath place a macro.

(Note: Most of these macros don’t account for Masterwork/Magical Weapons, Weapon Focus, and Weapon Damage Die and need to be altered.)

(Pro tip: You can add a term to the calculation to force it to prompt you for situational modifiers such as bard’s song, flanking, etc. before rolling by adding ?{Bonus|#} to the calculation. The text of the prompt is the name of the variable, and the # is the default value.)

For example:

/em checks Initiative: [[1d20 + @{init} + ?{Initiative Bonus|0} &{tracker}]]

will pop up a box asking for “Initiative Bonus” (which will default to 0) and add it to the roll.


/em checks Initiative. [[1d20+floor(({Dex-base}+{Dex-enhance}+@{Dex-misc}+@{Dex-temp}-10)/2+@{init-misc}) &{tracker}]]


/em makes a Fort Save [[1d20+((({Con-base}+{Con-enhance}+@{Con-misc}+@{Con-temp})/2)-5)@{class-0-Fort}{class-1-Fort}+{class-2-Fort}+@{class-3-Fort}+@{class-4-Fort}+@{Fort-Enhance}+@{Fort-Misc}+@{Fort-Temp}]]


/em makes a Ref Save [[1d20+((({Dex-base}+{Dex-enhance}+@{Dex-misc}+@{Dex-temp})/2)-5)@{class-0-Ref}{class-1-Ref}+{class-2-Ref}+@{class-3-Ref}+@{class-4-Ref}+@{Ref-Enhance}+@{Ref-Misc}+@{Ref-Temp}]]


/em makes a Will Save [[1d20+((({Wis-base}+{Wis-enhance}+@{Wis-misc}+@{Wis-temp})/2)-5)@{class-0-Will}{class-1-Will}+{class-2-Will}+@{class-3-Will}+@{class-4-Will}+@{Will-Enhance}+@{Will-Misc}+@{Will-Temp}]]

1 Hand attack:

/em slashes {target|token_name} with her dagger. [[1d20 + floor((({Str-base}+@{Str-enhance}+@{Str-misc}+@{Str-temp})/2)-5)@{class-0-bab}{class-1-bab}+{class-2-bab}+@{class-3-bab}+@{class-4-bab}]] to hit for [[1d4 + floor((({STR-base}+{Str-enhance}+@{Str-misc}+@{Str-temp})/2)-5)]] P/S damage.

2 Hand attack:

/em stabs {target|token_name} with her Longspear. [[1d20 + floor((({Str-base}+@{Str-enhance}+@{Str-misc}+@{Str-temp})/2)-5)@{class-0-bab}{class-1-bab}+{class-2-bab}+@{class-3-bab}+@{class-4-bab}]] to hit for [[1d8 + floor(floor((({STR-base}+{Str-enhance}+@{Str-misc}+@{Str-temp})/2)-5)*1.5)]] P damage.

Thrown Weapon/Composite Bow

/em throws a dart at {target|token_name}. [[1d20 + floor((({Dex-base}+@{Dex-enhance}+@{Dex-misc}+@{Dex-temp})/2)-5)@{class-0-bab}{class-1-bab}+{class-2-bab}+@{class-3-bab}+@{class-4-bab}]] to hit for [[1d4 + floor((({Str-base}+{Str-enhance}+@{Str-misc}+@{Str-temp})/2)-5)]] P damage.

To hit Str.

[[1d20 + floor((({Str-base}+{Str-enhance}+@{Str-misc}+@{Str-temp})/2)-5)@{class-0-bab}{class-1-bab}+{class-2-bab}+@{class-3-bab}+@{class-4-bab}]]

To hit Dex.

[[1d20 + floor((({Dex-base}+@{Dex-enhance}+@{Dex-misc}+@{Dex-temp})/2)-5){class-0-bab}{class-1-bab}+{class-2-bab}+{class-3-bab}+@{class-4-bab}]]

Touch Spell. (Chill touch in this example)

/em touches her deck as her hand becomes chilled, reaching out she touches {target|token_name} at [[1d20 + floor((({Str-base}+@{Str-enhance}+@{Str-misc}+@{Str-temp})/2)-5)@{class-0-bab}{class-1-bab}+{class-2-bab}+@{class-3-bab}+@{class-4-bab}]] Touch.
Chill Touch Necromancy [[1d20+@{Level}]] SR, V-S 1d6 negative energy damage. Creature Touched also takes 1 point of Strength damage unless it makes a Fort Save DC [[1d0+((({Int-base}+{Int-enhance}+@{Int-misc}+@{Int-temp})/2)-5)+1+10)]]. An undead creature takes no damage, but must make a Will Save DC [[1d0+((({Int-base}+{Int-enhance}+@{Int-misc}+@{Int-temp})/2)-5)+1+10)]] or flee as if panicked for [[1d4+@{Level}]] rounds. Can be used [[1d0+@{class-0-level}]] times per casting.

Macro editing

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