Laser Torch

Price 6,000 gp
Type one-handed melee; Proficiency martial
Dmg (M) 1d10 fire; Dmg (S) 1d8 fire; Critical ×3
Capacity 10; Usage 1 charge
Special touch; Weight 4 lbs.


A laser torch is a handheld tool intended to cut through objects with great speed. When activated, a laser torch emits a beam of highly focused light, cutting and burning through surfaces up to 6 inches away. Attacks from a laser torch resolve as touch attacks and deal 1d10 points of fire damage. This damage is not modified further by Strength. When the laser torch is used as a tool or as a weapon to sunder, its damage bypasses up to 20 points of hardness, and damage is not halved (as is normally the case for energy damage applied to objects) unless the object is particularly fire-resistant. A laser torch’s cutting beam passes through force fields and force effects without damaging the field. Invisible objects and creatures can’t be harmed by a laser torch.


Requirements Craft DC 26; Craft Technological Item, production lab
Cost 3,000 gp

Laser Torch

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