Grade Price
Grade I 250 gp
Grade II 500 gp
Grade III 750 gp
Grade IV 1,000 gp
Grade V 1,250 gp


Hemochem stops bleeding and promotes healing. A single dose of hemochem grants fast healing for 1 minute. Multiple doses injected do not stack, but they do reset the duration of the fast healing back to 1 minute. Five grades of hemochem exist; the fast healing granted by a dose depends on the pharmaceutical’s grade, as detailed below.

Grade Fast Healing
Grade I 1
Grade II 2
Grade III 3
Grade IV 4
Grade V 5


Requirements Craft varies; Craft Pharmaceutical, medical lab
Cost varies

Grade Craft DC Cost
Grade I 23 125 gp
Grade II 24 250 gp
Grade III 25 375 gp
Grade IV 26 500 gp
Grade V 27 625 gp


Pathfinder Spelljammer ethanism