Price 1,400 gp


A dose of cureall allows the target to attempt an additional saving throw against a single disease or poison effect currently afflicting him. This additional saving throw counts for the total number of successful saves needed to recover from the disease or poison. If the target is suffering from multiple afflictions, a single dose of cureall works against only the effect with the highest save DC currently afflicting him. Cureall also restores 1d4 points of ability damage or 1 point of ability drain that has been inflicted by a disease or poison, even if the user doesn’t succeed at the save. A dose cures any ability drain before curing ability damage. If the target is suffering from drain or damage to multiple ability scores, the cureall cures the score with the most damage or drain (or randomly selects one if multiple scores have equal drain or damage).


Requirements Craft DC 25; Craft Pharmaceutical, medical lab
Cost 700 gp


Pathfinder Spelljammer ethanism