Pathfinder Spelljammer

It's a Wonderful Life

It is odd, at times, to live in a town so utterly divided on a topic. Especially a topic as divisive as slavery. Nary a day passes without some visiting adventurer attempting to incite revolt or free the poor captives. All this posturing and white knighting is rather cute. Meanwhile, it’s business as usual for Kobad and the others, only occasionally does anything actually happen. At those times the constabulary are quick to act, generally tossing the instigators in the stocks, or in some cases turning them into stock themselves.

At any rate, it’s been the same old story as of late, working for a wage that barely covers the cost of living, clawing and wheedling ever onward. It’s pathetic really. Adventurers wander through town on occasion, spending coin they took from some corpse somewhere. Most are thugs, hardly more than bandits themselves, and living rough has little appeal for me, so it has been easy to resist the lure of adventure.

Until now. Kaera, a councilwoman in this little town, blithely passed out a rather heavy purse to each of six folk, myself included, gathered in the Hungry Efreeti as a down payment of sorts on a task. The reward for completing the task is even greater. I am certain the task will be fraught with danger, but this could be the break I need to finally get somewhere.


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