Pathfinder Spelljammer

Rescued by Strangers

I was rescued by a group of adventurers from my enslavement by the formians after they cleared a path from the surface. My father, my two cousins and I had been captured here in this fort after having fled our mining operation when it was attacked by formians. The formians followed us and eventually found us here and captured us, forcing us to do manual labor clearing out tunnels and hauling rock, mostly. The adventurers seem to be searching for something, but I’m not sure what. After my rescue, my father Ivar agreed to have me accompany them in exchange for their help in rescuing my uncle, Murgol. My father and my two cousins, Thag and Trag, went above ground to wait for us while we cleared out the remainder of the tunnels under this fort.

After a little exploration and formian slaughter, we stumbled across a large glowing green orb with strange runes etched across its surface. When Sora touched the crystal, it seemed to take over her voice and gave us a message about a vessel named Virtue that is looking for Destiny (another ship, perhaps)? Evidently it sent down pods to try and locate Destiny, but has been unsuccessful so far. This orb (pod?) manfunctioned, and while Virtue managed to keep some of the crew alive, they lost their memories in the process. When we discovered the pod, it had just enough power to bring it to life one last time before dying out forever. I feel as if this experience has somehow… changed me, although I’m not sure exactly in what way. No time to think about that now, though. I need to locate my belongings and seek out and rescue my uncle. I must stay focused on the task at hand.

Journal of Horgar Steelripper

It's a Wonderful Life

It is odd, at times, to live in a town so utterly divided on a topic. Especially a topic as divisive as slavery. Nary a day passes without some visiting adventurer attempting to incite revolt or free the poor captives. All this posturing and white knighting is rather cute. Meanwhile, it’s business as usual for Kobad and the others, only occasionally does anything actually happen. At those times the constabulary are quick to act, generally tossing the instigators in the stocks, or in some cases turning them into stock themselves.

At any rate, it’s been the same old story as of late, working for a wage that barely covers the cost of living, clawing and wheedling ever onward. It’s pathetic really. Adventurers wander through town on occasion, spending coin they took from some corpse somewhere. Most are thugs, hardly more than bandits themselves, and living rough has little appeal for me, so it has been easy to resist the lure of adventure.

Until now. Kaera, a councilwoman in this little town, blithely passed out a rather heavy purse to each of six folk, myself included, gathered in the Hungry Efreeti as a down payment of sorts on a task. The reward for completing the task is even greater. I am certain the task will be fraught with danger, but this could be the break I need to finally get somewhere.


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